"Let us ride for the ocasion"

Through integrity and solid relationships, we create a new reliable and improved way to elevate your tomorrow. Enjoy the ride, we’ll take care of it.

Miami Elevator Company

“… Time is crucial! Regardless of how many travelers are moving through your building, every ride needs to get to its destination on time! Same with us, at Brouss being on time is extremely important! Which means in less than two hours after we’re called…”

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What our customers Expect
Rooted Integrity

Integrity means everything to us! When we give you our word we keep it! We also want to make sure you can trust us and can rely on us with any situation your elevator is facing!

Clear Communication

Through clear communications we are able to keep you up to date on how your project is going! Communication is key to maintaining a healthy and prosperous relationship with our customers!

Superior Responsiveness

There is nothing worse than having to wait hours if not days on someone to come fix your elevators! We promise if you give us a chance you will never have to wait for service again!

Best Value Services
Brouss Elevators crew working on elevator Miami top view

Elevator Maintenance

We make sure your elevator is up to code and running its best! Our technicians will do monthly visits to perform preventive maintenance, after which a Complete Equipment Status Report will be sent.

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Brouss Elevators crew working on elevator Miami top view

Cabin Renovations

This is a vital part of keeping your elevator looking its best! Choose from a variety of designs and updates from local manufacturers! It will be ready in 4 weeks with just 1 day of installation.

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Brouss Elevators crew working on elevator Miami top view

Emergency Assistance

Our 911 elevators assistance is available 24/7 with no over-time fees! You do not need a contract with us in order to call for an emergency, at any time of the day your issue is our priority.

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Elevator Brands

At Brouss we count with a highly trained team of experts providing services to all brands of elevator equipments.

Brouss Elevators Company Service Area Map including Miami-Dade County, Broward and Palm Beach.

Our elevator company have expanded!

We are proud to announce that Brouss Elevators has now expanded services to the great area of Palm Beach! Together with the counties of Miami-Dade and Broward, this will include schools, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, government buildings and residencies. We have also increased our number of employees, that way we can guarantee that although we are expanding our quality will always remain the same.

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