Elevator cabin Renovation

An updated and well kept cabin can not only add value to a building but also keep your elevator looking clean and modern! From a wide variety of designs to choose from, we can help you to find the right combination! And if you don’t, we will customize one of your choice!

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Elevator Cabin Components

Our fast and efficient mounting system will have us in and out of your elevator cabin in no time! Explore the cabin interior components and choose from our selection of designs. The vision you have of your new elevator interior is about to be brought to life.


Elevator ceilings have the job of setting the mood of your ride! Eco-friendly LED lights, wooden finishes and jaw dropping tiles are some of the many customizations that you can do to your cabin interior ceiling!

Wall panels

Wall panels take up the most space on your cabin interior, they are your presentation to the world! From mirrors to full glass, choose from our broad selection of panels and make your elevator shine again!


Car doors are the first line of defense between the elevator interior and the outside! Whether your unit has single or two-speeds set of doors, we will make sure they not only look great but also work great!

Hand rails

Handrails play an essential role in your cabin interior. Although they are usually installed on the back wall, they can also be used on the sides and on the bottom! Let’s keep it in mind for your next modernization!


Frequent foot traffic can really take an impact on the lifespan of your elevator’s floor! Our selection of materials can bring a new life to your elevator interior both functionally and aesthetically.

front wall

The front wall of a cabin is the quiet hero of the story! It helps with the frames of the doors and it protects the Control Operation Panel from getting damaged, even if the COP is not replaced!

Elevator Cabin Designs Catalog

What impression do you want to make with your elevator interior design? Brouss offers a wide variety of cab designs to choose from, that are aesthetically pleasing and operationally efficient. Explore our catalog to find the right fit for your building.

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Brouss Elevators Company Service Area Map including Miami-Dade County, Broward and Palm Beach.

Our elevator company have expanded!

We are proud to announce that Brouss Elevators has now expanded services to the great area of Palm Beach! Together with the counties of Miami-Dade and Broward, this will include schools, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, government buildings and residencies. We have also increased our number of employees, that way we can guarantee that although we are expanding our quality will always remain the same.

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